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Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand your emotions … much less those of your teenager, spouse, coworkers or friends? Well, Disney and Pixar have just given you a vehicle to explore this issue at a whole new level. Their newest film, Inside Out, provides an entertaining and thought-provoking way to begin a discussion…(Read More)

When a pastor steps into a pulpit, he usually has two general goals in mind: to change the way people think and to change the way they behave. The pivotal human organ for both goals is the brain. And yet most pastors—as well as most of the people in the pews—haven’t spent…(Read More)

This is a representative sample of the thousands of articles on the internet regarding emotional intelligence, also known as EI or EQ (emotional quotient), in a wide variety of venues, including the workplace, sales, education, healthcare, the military, politics, and diplomacy. Here are the categories of articles: Key Studies of EI History of EI EI…(Read More)

Ben was one of the most gifted and yet deeply flawed executives I’ve ever encountered. When I was asked to mediate tensions within the leadership team of his organization, it became evident that every person on the team was contributing to the problem to some degree. But as mediation continued, it became clear that…(Read More)