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The current political climate, at both state and national levels, has highlighted the close connection between politics, pride and emotion. In an outward sense, every politician is constantly striving to build credibility, prestige and influence by highlighting his or her abilities and positions while connecting with the values and emotions of the audience. In an…(Read More)

I’ve met with hundreds of couples who were struggling to save their marriages. One of the most common statements wives make in those meetings is, “There’s just no emotional connection between us. He hasn’t got a clue what I’m feeling or thinking.” In all too many cases, that statement has been…(Read More)

This October I will have the privilege of presenting a Discovering Relational Wisdom Seminar at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundations’ 2016 National Conference. The theme of the event is “Emotions: Engaging the Expressions of Our Heart.” I have the highest regard for the CCEF and have been profoundly changed through their books and training…(Read More)

Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand your emotions … much less those of your teenager, spouse, coworkers or friends? Well, Disney and Pixar have just given you a vehicle to explore this issue at a whole new level. Their newest film, Inside Out, provides an entertaining and thought-provoking way to begin a discussion…(Read More)

  Emotions drive most of what goes on in this world. Whether it’s the desire of a man to win the heart of a special young lady, the sacrificial love of a parent for a child, the bitterness that corrodes a friendship, or the anger that fragments a family or church, emotions play a…(Read More)

Do people feel relationally safe in your home? Your church? Your school? Your business? Is it the place they long to come to when the problems of the world seem overwhelming? Is it a haven of understanding, acceptance, and security? It can be. Your home, church, school or business can be like the classroom that…(Read More)