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By Ken Sande, Founder of Peacemaker Ministries and Relational Wisdom 360 When I was in law school, I witnessed one of the most dramatic spiritual battles I have ever seen. Two members of a religious cult were handing out tracts in the student union building and trying to tell people about their beliefs. Most people…(Read More)

As of August 8, 2014 (please send suggested additions to “God has given you a priceless gift: eternal life through Jesus Christ” (Rom. 6:23). “The Lord set his love on you before he even created the world … so it obviously has nothing to do with your earning it” (Eph. 1:4…(Read More)

One of the most effective ways to improve your relational skills is to keep a journal that records your insights and lessons on how you relate to your values, yourself, and others. The following list of possible content is suggestive; record only the information that is helpful to you. The more carefully you observe and…(Read More)

This is a representative sample of the thousands of articles on the internet regarding emotional intelligence, also known as EI or EQ (emotional quotient), in a wide variety of venues, including the workplace, sales, education, healthcare, the military, politics, and diplomacy. Here are the categories of articles: Key Studies of EI History of EI EI…(Read More)

Both my father and my mother were highly relational people. They were great listeners, remarkably empathetic, and had a marvelous ability to connect with and encourage others. As you might expect, they had many friends who enjoyed their company. There was one big difference between them, however. My mother was a devote Christian from her…(Read More)

Dr. Brian G. Mattson Senior Scholar of Public Theology, Center for Cultural Leadership Relational Wisdom 360 is committed to helping Christians better understand their relationships with God and with others. Integral to this is understanding God, ourselves, and others—particularly becoming aware of what motivates us in these relationships. God-awareness, self-awareness, and other…(Read More)

I Knew It! “I knew he was too proud to take criticism,” thought Anne, “and now I have proof!” On the previous Sunday, Anne had dropped a prayer card in the offering plate asking her pastor to stop in and pray with her when she went to the hospital for some minor surgery. When he…(Read More)