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Ken Hi Res Closeup (139x190)Ken Sande is the President of RW360. Trained as an engineer, lawyer, and mediator, Ken founded Peacemaker Ministries in 1982, where he conciliated hundreds of family, business, church, and legal conflicts, and guided the development of its global training program. He founded RW360 in 2012 in order to focus on teaching people how to get upstream of conflict by building strong relationships in the family, church, and workplace. He teaches internationally and is the author of numerous books, articles, and training resources, including The Peacemaker, which has sold over 500,00 copies in seventeen languages. He is certified as a Relational Wisdom Instructor and Conciliator, as well as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor (with Talentsmart). Ken has served as a Certified Professional Engineer, as a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Montana Bar Association, as an elder in his church and as an Editorial Adviser for Christianity Today.

Chip Zimmer - Copy (136x175)Chip Zimmer is the Vice President of RW360. He began his international work as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal during the 1970s. After graduating from law school, he spent six years as the Executive Director of the Christian Conciliation Service of Puget Sound in Seattle, then joined the U.S. State Department in 1990 and served in diplomatic posts in Africa and Latin America. In 2001 he joined Peacemaker Ministries, eventually becoming Vice President of Global Ministries. Chip came to RW360 in 2015, where he continues to use his broad relational and cross-cultural experience to serve the global Christian community, receiving outstanding praise for his teaching. He also continues in his role as an Adjunct Professor in the Peace Studies doctoral program at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila, Philippines, a program he helped establish in 2007.

Corlette 1 - CopyCorlette Sande is RW360’s Director of Ministry Relations. She has degrees in elementary education and counseling and is certified as a Relational Wisdom Instructor. She has specialized in counseling families and children and mediating child custody disputes. She authored the Young Peacemaker curriculum, which has been used to teach conflict resolution to parents and children around the world. She travels frequently with Ken, enhancing his teaching with her own insights and experience and providing personal encouragement and counsel to many of the people who attend RW360 events. She also focuses her energy on serving RW360’s donors, Board of Directors, Presenters and Instructors, conciliation clients, and ministry partners.

Jeff Sande is RW360’s Director of Training and Marketing. He began teaching relational wisdom at 18 and became a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor at 21. Jeff leads RW360’s Millennial Speaking team and has traveled globally, receiving outstanding reviews for his presentations at churches, youth conferences and corporate training seminars. He graduated from Montana State University-Billings with a double major in business management and marketing, and is also a Certified Development Professional. He has a Black Belt in Tai Kwon Do, has served as a mentor to elementary school students and has volunteered at schools and camps to teach peacemaking to young children. He and his wife, Becca, are applying relational wisdom with each other and their energetic son.

SchlachterDavid2005-240x300David Schlachter serves RW 360 as a Senior Ministry Consultant for Conciliation Services. He co-founded Crossroads Resolution Group in 2012 to provide transformative, biblically-based assistance to churches, organizations, businesses and individuals experiencing serious conflict and leadership challenges. David has thirty years of experience as an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and instructor, and served as the Vice President of Peacemaker Ministries™ Conciliation Division from 2005 to 2012, where he oversaw hundreds of conciliation cases and guided the development of the ministry’s training program. He is certified as a Relational Wisdom Instructor and Christian Conciliator. His global training and experience enables him to resolve complex legal disputes, church and organizational divisions, as well as personal and family conflicts, and to guide those involved toward genuine reconciliation.

Paul CPaul Cornwell serves RW 360 as a Senior Ministry Consultant for Conciliation Services and Pastoral Care. He is the co-founder of Crossroads Resolution Group and has over 30 years of ministry experience. He has planted two churches, served as the lead pastor of four congregations, and founded two ministries designed to equip and assist churches to resolve conflict biblically. Paul was a Senior Ministry Consultant for Peacemaker Ministries, where he led mediation efforts in conflicted churches and ministries and played a key role in upgrading training for resolving organizational conflict. He is a certified as Relational Wisdom Instructor and Christian Conciliator, and is passionate about using his gifts of faith, wisdom, teaching, encouragement and discernment to mentor church leaders, promote reconciliation, and help conflicted churches and organizations regain the unity they need to advance God’s kingdom.

Allison-Pickering-MG_9252Allison Pickering serves RW360 as a Senior Ministry Consultant for Conciliation Services. She is a conciliator with Crossroads Resolution Group, serving individuals, marriages, families, churches and ministry organizations.  She is a highly experienced conciliator, counselor, consultant, speaker and instructor of conflict resolution skills. Allison’s work with very complex marriage, family, church and organizational conflict cases, gives her valuable insight into and experience in identifying key places that can move conflict resolution forward.  Allison has a background of ministry experience which includes 18 years with an international campus ministry as well as serving in a key role on three church planting teams which contributes to her ability to understand the perspective of individuals in conflict as well as the structures and priorities of organizations and churches.  She is certified as a Relational Wisdom Instructor and is also a Certified Christian Conciliator™.

Megan Seader is RW360’s Data Processing Specialist. She has a background in business, healthcare and information technology. Outside of work, she spends her time cheering on her husband’s soccer team, applying relational wisdom (and lots of peacemaking!) with their two young children and mentoring teenage girls.

We are also privileged to partner with our growing network of Certified Relational Wisdom Instructors™ as well as the team of Certified Relational Conciliators™ affiliated with Crossroads Resolution Group.

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