Continuing Education Accreditation

RW360 is pleased to work with educational organizations and individuals to obtain continuing education accreditation for our training courses. Accrediting bodies typically award accreditation in terms of “continuing education hours” or “continuing education units” (“CEUs”), either on a continuing general basis or on an individual, case-by-case basis.

For example, the state board overseeing social workers, counselors and therapists in Montana has granted 12 hours of CEU credit for completion of our online course.

Requirements for CEU approval vary from state to state and from one profession to another. Most accrediting boards will accept our general “Features and Benefits Statement” and one of the study guides attached to that statement as sufficient documentation for CEU approval.

If you would like our assistance in applying for continuing education accreditation with a particular professional organization or accrediting body, please contact Jeff Sande, our Director of Training and Marketing, at or 406-294-6806.

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