RW360 Smartphone App

The RW360 Smartphone App will allow you to instantly access hundreds of articles, videos and FAQs for applying the life-changing skills of relational wisdom at home, with friends and in the workplace.

The app contains an introduction to relational wisdom, twelve acrostics to help you learn and practice new relational skills, common FAQs about RW and links to online and live training. All of these concepts are available in both a values-based (secular) and a faith-based format.

A Convenient Sharing Tool

The app makes it easy for you to share the key concepts of relational wisdom with friends and coworkers.

For example …

If a coworker is having frequent conflict with his boss or mentions that his marriage is in trouble, you could invite him to lunch. After listening carefully to his story and showing sincere empathy, you might say, “Could I show you some principles that helped me to deal with similar struggles in my life?”

If he says yes, you could pull out your smartphone, open the RW360 App to and click on the “Intro to RW,” “Workplace RW” and “Resolving Conflict” buttons, sharing the simple and yet powerful principles that your friend could use to improve his work relationships or to start rebuilding hope and trust in his marriage.

To make these principles even more credible, share some specific ways that you are applying them your life to overcome harmful habits and improve your relationships.

You could also ask your friend if he’d like you to have the RW360 App on his smartphone. If so, simply click on the “Share App with a Friend” button and text or email him the app link.

Another opportunity for sharing relational wisdom will arise if your company sponsors staff training on emotional intelligence. As coworkers begin talking about and applying EI, you can join those conversations, affirm the benefits of EI training and then say, “Would you like to see a version of emotional intelligence that I’ve found to be especially helpful?”

Download Now

To download the app,  just go to the Apple or Google store and search for “RW360,” or simply click on one of the links below.

More importantly, start sharing it with your friends so they can benefit from these life changing relational principles.

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