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As you may have noticed, I missed last week’s blog post … the first one in 160 weeks! Why? Because I’ve been immersed in all of the new electronic equipment and software that we’re bringing online in order to produce the next generation of RW resources. Over the past two weeks I’ve…(Read More)

By God’s grace, we have built marvelous momentum this year on multiple fronts … and we need your help to keep it going. Corlette and I delivered 25 seminars and presentations in the last three months alone (see our entire 2015 calendar here). We’ve now taught RW live to over 36,000 people, with…(Read More)

Corlette and I are deeply grateful for the many prayers that upheld us during our recent 17-day “teaching marathon” in Florida, Virginia and Alabama (Oct. 6-22, 2015). By God’s grace, all 17 presentations—which included three Discovering RW Seminars, a seminary class, two sermons, three Sunday school classes, two workshops for counselors…(Read More)

I’m sending this post from Wisla, Poland, where Chip Zimmer and I are teaching at the European Leadership Forum. ELF has gathered 700 evangelical leaders from around Europe to provide them with a week of fellowship, encouragement, and training to inspire and equip them “to renew the biblical church and re-evangelize Europe.” This…(Read More)

Do you know what excites Corlette and me most about relational wisdom? Its potential for leading others to Christ. Jesus taught that when our relationships reflect authentic love and unity, the world can see that He is real and that He delights to save us and utterly transform our lives (John 13:35; John 17…(Read More)

Last week Corlette and I had the privilege of spending three days teaching relational wisdom to some of the most committed and effective Bible teachers in the world. Bible Study Fellowship’s global network of classes reaches over 300,000 people every week with in-depth Bible studies that are respected across denominational lines. I…(Read More)

I love to run. Primarily because it takes me away from electronic distractions and gives me time alone with God. Running also triggers the release of endorphins in my body. They often combine with the joy of worship to produce an exhilaration that triggers a burst of creativity. That’s why most of my ideas…(Read More)

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer in June and had my thyroid surgically removed. Two weeks ago I swallowed a tablet of radioactive iodine to kill any remaining thyroid cells. Late last week I had a full body scan to see if there were any other discernible tumors in my body…(Read More)