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When a pastor steps into a pulpit, he usually has two general goals in mind: to change the way people think and to change the way they behave. The pivotal human organ for both goals is the brain. And yet most pastors—as well as most of the people in the pews—haven’t spent…(Read More)

Network news bombards us daily with so many reports of immorality, corruption, and violence that it’s easy to become discouraged about the condition and direction of our world. But I’m convinced that for every negative report the networks broadcast, there are thousands of acts of kindness quietly occurring elsewhere in the world … some…(Read More)

Both my father and my mother were highly relational people. They were great listeners, remarkably empathetic, and had a marvelous ability to connect with and encourage others. As you might expect, they had many friends who enjoyed their company. There was one big difference between them, however. My mother was a devote Christian from her…(Read More)