Have You Ever Been This Kind?

Have You Ever Been This Kind?

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When was the last time you did something that was so amazingly kind that others will remember your actions the rest of their lives?

If it’s been awhile, I encourage you to take two minutes to watch a video clip of some young men who refused to play basketball against another team … as an act of incredible kindness. (If a screen does not appear below, click here.)

As Hudson Bradley, the young Vanguard player, said: “We all need someone to believe in us. We all need someone who knows our mistakes and loves us anyway.”

Kindness … one of the most life-changing values the world has ever known. Is it flowing through your life?

– Ken Sande

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think the Gainesville players felt when they entered a gym with hundreds of people cheering for them? How could this kind of encouragement and support change the course of these young men’s lives?
  • Think of a time when someone showed you this kind of unexpected and extravagant kindness. How did it make you feel? What impact did it have on your life?
  • If you were one of the Vanguard players, would your worldview and its accompanying value system have moved you to show this kind of kindness to the Gainesville team?
  • Have you had an opportunity to show this kind of kindness in recent days? What did you do with that opportunity?
  • If you’d like develop a greater capacity to see and act on opportunities to exercise kindness, read Seven Steps to Empathy and Serving a Barista.

Permission to distribute: Please feel free to download, print, or electronically share this message in its entirety for non-commercial purposes with as many people as you like.

© 2015 Ken Sande

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6 Responses to "Have You Ever Been This Kind?"
    • Thanks, Curt. These young men inspired me too! I thank God that because of his grace, both common and special, there are millions of these kinds of actions around the world every day.

  1. Imagine the impact if 90% of the news had stories like this, instead of the other way around. I showed this story to my boys that play basketball. I hope it encourages them to stand out in a positive way like those boys.

  2. Thank you for sharing and for the discussion points. I live in Los Angeles today I was feeling very particularly discouraged and low about humanity, and the direction of our society. Thank you for sharing this reminder that there are people who value kindness. I am hoping my husband and I will use the discussion points with our teen girls.

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