RW for Families

RW for Families

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Exploring Relational Wisdom 3.0 is an interactive online course that both parents and children can use to develop relational skills that enable them to “get upstream of conflict” and enjoy a more a peaceful and productive family life.

This training has been promoted by many family and school oriented organizations. Normally priced at $49/person, it is available to students at an automatic 50% discount (use coupon “student50“).

Relational wisdom (RW) is paradigm for developing healthy, durable and mutually beneficial relationships. As families develop these skills, they can experience several major benefits:

Age of Students

Exploring Relational Wisdom 3.0 is an interactive online course that parents and children can take together. Although this course is rigorous enough to be used by adults in businesses and schools, the key principles and demonstration videos are simple enough for ten-year-olds to understand. Even so, we suggest that parents register themselves for the course and go through a couple of lessons to decide which of their children are mature enough to benefit from this training.

The most productive way to take the course if for each parent and child to register for the course so they can work through the videos, quizzes and web-based exercises themselves. Each person needs to register with his or her own email address.

Children who are too young to work through the course on their own can instead sit and observe with one of their parents or siblings as they work through the videos and application exercises.

For more information, email or call 406-294-6806. 

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