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If you’re like most people, the coming holiday season will be either the best time of the year or the worst time of the year … and it will probably depend on the quality of your relationships. To help you make this the best season ever, we’ve compiled thirty-three of our most popular…(Read More)

I recently found thirteen dogs and one cat who show us how to enjoy a peaceful holiday meal. In the process they demonstrate a central dynamic of relational wisdom (click here if video screen does not appear below). There is a beautiful story behind this creative clip, as well as an inspiring life lesson. All…(Read More)

For most people, the holidays are like the French Revolution: they are either the best of times or the worst of times, a time of relational wisdom or a time of relational foolishness (to paraphrase Charles Dickens). To help you make this season the best of times, we’ve compiled thirty-one of our most…(Read More)

Here is an easy, painless, and guaranteed way to deal with the relational challenges of the holidays (if video screen does not appear below, click here). Actually, there is no such thing as an easy, painless, and guaranteed way to deal with relational challenges. Like everything else of real value, relationships are worthy of a…(Read More)

Are you already dreading the challenge of holiday shopping? Finding the right gifts for people who already have more stuff than they know what to do with? Then let me suggest a gift that your family, friends, and co-workers will remember long after the tree comes down: Christmas EGGs. Instead of wandering the aisles…(Read More)