Endorsements for Relational Wisdom

“I have benefitted personally and professionally from the relational principles taught by Ken Sande and have frequently invited him to teach at CEO forums I’ve hosted over the years. I work in an industry that requires the mastery of complex technical skills, but invariably what enables people to excel (or causes them to fail) is the quality of their relational skills. Therefore, I strongly support RW360’s plans to adapt Ken’s original relational wisdom resources so that they can be taught in a wider circle of businesses and other secular settings. In addition to improving business profitability and improved career advancement, these skills but can also be taken hope to build more stable marriages and families.” Dave Dias, Global Insurance Executive, Insurance Thought Leadership, Monterrey Bay, California

“The greatest challenge our company faces now and in the future is not competition, it’s not an economic downturn, and it’s not changing consumers habits (although those are certainly all challenges). Our greatest challenge is navigating relationships.  Relationships with each of our 75 co-workers, our community and our customers. Relationships can make or break any organization. That is why RW360 and its teaching are so important. Just look around, everywhere we look there are broken relationships. Relationships within families, relationships among our political leaders, relationships in businesses. Our society needs relationship wisdom, but few are teaching this vital subject. That is why I support Relationship Wisdom 360. I personally need it, my family needs it, my co-workers need it, everyone needs it.” Robert Bennington, Owner and CEO, Bennington Properties Sunriver, Oregon

“Having personally benefitted from the wisdom and teaching of Ken Sande, I enthusiastically commend him and the principles taught at Relational Wisdom 360 (RW360).  These principles effectively address the growing gap between competency and character. I have seen first-hand how equally effective the principles taught by RW360 were to our staff regardless of cultural, educational, economic or religious background.”  Steve Nelson, President and CEO of Plant Sciences, Inc., Monterey, California

“My wife and I are strong supporters of RW360 because we’ve experienced the practical benefits of applying RW360’ principles in our personal and professional lives and helped others to do the same. The more that Christians develop and demonstrate a strong work ethic, high integrity and solid relational skills, the better they will serve their employers and advance their own careers, while also giving a more compelling witness for Christ.” Steve Woodford, President & CEO, WCM Industries Inc. / Woodford Mfg, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“As the retired CEO of an NYSE public company, I strongly endorse Ken Sande’s proposal to develop a marketplace version of his RW 360 material.  He has previously proven that he can do this with his Peacemaker materials, and I believe the RW 360 material is even more important for the workplace and the public square.  Showing participants how to avoid conflict is even more attractive to participants than showing them how to resolve conflict after it has started.” Larry Bickle, Retired CEO, Denver, Colorado

“I work with wealthy clients in one of our nation’s largest banks and have been utilizing RW360’s resources for seven years. Technical competency is important in my profession but without the relational skills to listen and interact with my clients and colleagues effectively, there is little hope of making my advice and competence actionable in their lives. Having access to RW360’s new values-based resources will equip me to better serve influencers in business and their families.” Nelson Cooney, Senior Vice President, US Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management, San Francisco, California

“In my business career, I have witnessed the negative impact of individual selfishness, bitterness and pride that has hindered or damaged relationships, teams and entire businesses. I have also seen the power of the Ken’s peacemaking and relational skills training in all of these settings. I’m personally thankful for the work of RW360 and highly endorse its efforts to bring these principles to the workplace. Businesses will be changed and families will be changed.” David Cox, Sales Executive, Jack Henry & Associates, Birmingham, Alabama

“During my 40 years as a business lawyer and family wealth counselor, I have seen that the biggest obstacle to effective estate planning is unresolved personal conflict.  Too often spouses, business partners and advisers have conflicting agendas, but because they lack the relational tools to resolve their differences, relationships deteriorate in many painful ways.  Ken Sande and the RW360 staff have the experience and wisdom to create materials that can inspire and equip millions of business owners who need help building strong relationships and resolving unhealthy conflicts.” Tim Voorhees, Principal Partner, Family Office Law LLP, Costa Mesa, California





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